Wilson Bela Junior padelmaila

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Co-designed by one of the most legendary players to ever grace the sport, the Bela series is characterized by strong construction, unique texture, and cutting-edge design to deliver a championship-quality blend of power and control for aspirational and accomplished players alike.

The Bela Junior inspires young players to reach the pinnacle of the sport. Co-designed by padel legend Fernando Belasteguin, this paddle features a shorter length and lighter weight to give aspiring junior players a superior blend of playability, comfort, and power while they're developing their game. Notable features include Arrow-Grip texture on the paddle surface for an extra spin and a unique wrist cord that sports "Un Belasteguin Nunca Se Rinde" across the strap, translated as "A Belasteguin Never Gives Up."

  • Co-designed and inspired by padel legend Fernando Belasteguin
  • Fiberglass Weave supplies a nice mix of stability and paddle responsiveness
  • Core EVA Foam features low-density foam for stable performance while retaining a soft, comfortable feel
  • Arrow-Grip texture features arrowhead pattern on paddle surface for excellent feel and an extra degree of spin
  • Sublime Grip encompasses an ideal blend of softness, tack, and comfort with additional moisture absorption through micro-perforations on its surface
  • Bela Wrist Strap attached to handle provides extra control and safety measures
  • The shorter length and lighter weight ideal for juniors developing their game
  • Weight 310g


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