Wilson Bela Elite v2.5 padelmaila

Delivering impressive power in a comfortable frame, the signature Bela Elite V2.5 offers next-level performance for competitive players looking to dictate the point. The sleek design features woven carbon fibers that are strategically layered over a Soft EVA Foam core to provide comfortable, effortless power. The Spin Effect textured surface enhances ball grip, resulting in more consistent and reliable spin, while an innovative hole-drilling technique increases bite, even if you don't hit the ball in the sweet spot. Other upgrades with this padel racket include added notches in the throat to provide a comfortable second hand feel and a clear bumper to prolong frame and paint durability. Argentinian pro Fernando Belasteguin's signature line is inspired by his unrivaled determination to improve his game and motivation for all players to tap into their own unlimited potential.

    • Head Shape: Teardrop
    • Weight: 363 g
    • Balance: 260 mm

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