Roeckl Kasa hanskat

Even endurance athletes’ sensitive hands need to be protected against low temperatures. The KASA is an extremely comfortable companion, ideal for any sports activity. Apart from its modest appearance, this bestseller captivates with its extraordinary fit and extremely high degree of wear comfort. Despite its slender cut, this glove molds to fit the shape of any hand and gives athletes full freedom of movement.
The backhand and palm are made from the highly breathable, extremely elastic material Polartec® Power Stretch®. The materials’ particularly heavy quality guarantees extra warmth, while the flatlock seams provide increased wear comfort and grip. The result: comfortable climatic conditions inside the glove and effective water vapor management – no matter how much you sweat.
Convenient as well as nice to look at: the palm siliconized with countless little ROECKL hand logos. Conclusion: the flexible KASA is ideal for any endurance sport.
Palmhand and backhand: Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro (312g/m²)

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