Salomon Sonic 5 Balance juoksukengät

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Rapid-fire rebound and a vibration-free, cushioned ride. Sonic 5 Balance is lightweight and balanced for a broad range of runners, featuring Optivibe technology to keep vibrations low and energy return high for smooth, more comfortable transitions. A soft and enveloping mesh upper and pillowy tongue and collar construction hug and support your feet for miles.

Reduce Vibrations

Optivibe™ cushioning helps limit vibrations with the aim of decreasing muscle fatigue, while continuing to deliver a responsive ride.

Responsive Ride

Delivers that bouncy, springy feeling each time you push off the ground.

Balanced Transition

The Geometric Decoupling axis is centered to deliver a balanced, effortless forward transition from contact to propulsion.


Drop: 8mm

Weight: 266g

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