Wilson Hurakn Pro padelkenkä miehet

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What you wear on court impacts your game, and it also impacts the planet. 21% of the total weight of Wilson's Hurakn Pro padel shoes are made up of recycled material. Another major benefit of these environmentally friendly shoes is the outsole - it's specifically designed for movement on the padel court. They're also tuned for agility with an inner-sock construction that feels supportive as you explode to the ball. The responsive EVA midsole keeps you fresh on your feet after a full three sets.

  • Traditional Fit: Provides ultimate blend of support, stability, durability, and cushion with every step
  • Pro Torque Chassis Light: Arch technology built for speed and comfort to provide ultimate stability and flexibility
  • Composition: Padel-specific technologies enhance aggressive movement with a durable outsole and supportive midsole materials

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